Tuscan Auteur

lauren cicione, founder

Lauren CicioneGrowing up around the authentic tastes of an Italian-American kitchen proved fertile ground for the development of Lauren’s epicurean passions. After several years as a contemporary art dealer in Manhattan, she decided it was time for a change. In 2009, following her insatiable appetite for organic food and wine, paired with an inherent affinity for Italy, Lauren took off to Montalcino for an uncompromising exploration of Italian life. She has since cooked and broken bread with brilliant local chefs, harvested grapes at celebrated vineyards, and worked as the primary liaison for two of Italy's most renowned wineries: Giacomo Conterno and the Biondi Santi. Fine-tuning her palate amid the prestigious Brunellos of Montalcino, the Barolos of the Langhe, and the culinary excellence of both regions, she has learned to appreciate the beauty of wine from vineyard to glass, and the freshest local dining from farm to feast. With Tuscan Auteur, Lauren shares her erudite tastes with her clients by opening the doors to an intimate and impassioned look at the people and wines of two of the most acclaimed growing regions in the world. With Tuscan charm and American efficiency, Lauren offers expert high-end concierge services: curating unforgettable stays in Tuscany's most breathtaking hillside town of Montalcino as well as exclusive stays in Piedmont during the truffle season.    

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